Jurai Andō

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Jurai Andō Edit

  • It is hinted that Tomoyo has possible feelings towards Jurai, as she becomes jealous whenever Jurai is with another girl like Mirei. And they knew each other before any of them joined the club, and Tomoyo was the one who inspired him to be a chuuni, and at first Jurai just thought that it was wierd to be a chuuni. But Jurai didn't know that is was Tomoyo, because Tomoyo was a chuuni herself in the past. But she tries to hide that she likes him, and she even said that she rather be together with a another girl instead of being together with him, and if someone asks her if she likes Ando, she starts to get embarrassed, and telling that person that she really doesn't. But she truly cares for him and It is confirmed that in Episode 11 that she has feelings for Jurai.

Hatoko Kushikawa

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  • Hatoko and Tomoyo has a friendly reletionship. They sometimes go to study together or go to hang out and just talk, etc. Tomoyo values Hatoko as a good friend. But when it comes to Jurai they become serious and Hatoko even was willing to tell her that she likes him. And shown in episode 12, they are now love rivals, but they still maintain a friendly reletionship.

Chifuyu Himeki

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Sayumi Takanashi

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Mirei Kudō

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  • It seems like they have a quite friendly reletionship, but when it's about Jurai they both start to 'fight' and Tomoyo got very irritated and jealous when she thought that Jurai had sended her the love letter.