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Chara02 Tomoyo Kanzaki

Japanese 神崎 灯代 (かんざき ともよ)
Rōmaji Kanzaki Tomoyo
Alias Endless Paradox
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 16 (Prologue)
17 (Second Arc)
Blood Type B
Status Alive
Relatives Hajime Kiryū (half-brother)[1]
Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Unnamed stepmother
Eye Violet
Hair Red
Occupation Student
Superpower User
Affiliation Literature Club
School Senkō Private High School
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Japanese voice Haruka Yamazaki
English voice Shanae'a Moore
Tomoyo Kanzaki ((かん)(ざき) (とも)() Kanzaki Tomoyo) is one of the main characters in Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de. Her ability Closed Clock, allows her to manipulate time itself. Like Jurai, she is also narcissistic and delusional.

Appearance Edit

Tomoyo has short, red-pinkish, shoulder-length straight hair and a small ponytail at the back, which is seen being held up by a white bow. She also has one small, yellow star hair clip on each side of her fringe and she has violet-purple colored eyes.

She is almost always seen in her uniform which consists of a dark red coat, yellow buttons, and a dark blue tie. She also wears a short white skirt and white knee stockings and brown shoes.

Tomoyo wears casual clothes at home, and at Episode 11, she was seen wearing a yukata.

When she meet Jurai Andō in eight grade,she wore silver wig and sunglasses.She inspired him to be a "chuuni" at that time [ref: ep 9]

Personality Edit

She is easily embarrassed, especially when it comes to Jurai, romance, or when someone compliments her. She tries to hide that she likes Jurai Andō, and she even said that she would rather be together with a girl instead of being with him. However, she is nervous in front of Jurai and gets jealous if someone gets too close to him. But she can also be quite mature. However, Tomoyo is a kind and friendly girl, but she can be shy sometimes. She is sometimes calm and understanding of situations, but she can be very hyper too. She is the only one in the group that hid that she liked Jurai. And in the past, Tomoyo was a chūni herself and she was the one who 'inspired' Jurai when he was in 8th grade to become a chūni again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Closed Clock: Her power allows her to slow down, accelerate or stop time, but she can't rewind it.

Trivia Edit

  • It is now been confirmed in episode 11 of the anime that she has romantic feelings for Jurai Andō.
  • As of episode 12, she is now in a love rivalry with Hatoko Kushikawa.
  • She and Hajime share the same father, but they have different mothers.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Her birthday is in July.
  • She's pretty strong considering she has carried the entire literature club when she stopped time.

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