Tōhei Yukawa
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Japanese 湯川 東平
Rōmaji Yukawa Tōhei
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 20's
Status Alive
Eye Brown
Hair Blonde
Anime debut Episode 8
Japanese voice Hitoshi Yanai

Tōhei Yukawa (湯川 東平 Yukawa Tōhei) is supporting character of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de.


He have short and spiky blonde hair, and he is seen having green coloured glasses. He has very small brown eyes, and he is wearing circular silver-greysih earrings, and he has a quite scary-looking face.


He was shown to be very violent, and he was really pissed at Hajime and he thought that he was mocking him. But after being sucked in the hole, he was rather acting all innocent and calm, because he didn't have any memory of what just happend.


Fallen Black vs F ArcEdit

He was first shown when he was fighting Hajime Kiryū, in a bowling area. But Hajime told him that he wouldn't use his power against people like him, making Tōhei angry. Hajime carved a circle around him, and told him that if he made him leave that circle, it'd be Tōhei's victory.

However, when he was about to attack, Hajime took a step out from the circle and gave him a punch, making Tōhei fly a few meters away. He told Hajime that he broke his promise about not leaving the circle, but Hajime then told him that you never should trust your enemy's words. When he was about to attack Hajime in anger with his power, Hajime used his Pinpoint Abyss attack, creating a black hole. While he was being sucked in by the black hole, he complained he hadn't done a thing yet, while shouting in fear. After being sucked and killed, he was revived with both his memores and power erased. After being revived, he looked very confused and walked away from the bowling area.

Reatier later pointed out he was an F's member sent to defeat Hajime Kiryu.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is still unknown what kind of ability he had, but in the light novels, it was mentioned his power was a perfect counter against Hajime's gravity manipulation.


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