A list of the many different superpowers

Name User Effect Debut
Dark and Dark Jurai Andō Allows the user to summon a seemingly useless black flame Volume 1
Closed Clock Tomoyo Kanzaki Allows the user to stop,slow down and fast forward time. However, it's not possible to rewind time. Volume 1
Over Element Hatako Kushikawa Allows the user control over the elements.The user can also combine the elements as well. Volume 1
Root of Origin Sayumi Takanashi Allows the user to restore people or objects to their original form. Volume 1
World Create Chifuyu Himeki Allows the user the power to create anything. Volume 1
Grateful Robber Mirei Kudo Allows the user to steal powers, but only when the power is activated in front of the user. Volume 1
Lucifer's Strike Kiryu Hajime Allows the user to manipulate gravity. Volume 5
Eternal Wink Hitomi Saito Allows the user to grant the "Evil Eye" to a partner with whom she makes eye contact. Volume 5
Dead Space Akutagawa Yanagi Allows the user to create any kind of spaces. Volume 5
Head Hunting Aki Natsu Allows the user to see all the details of other people's powers at a glance. Volume 5
Zigzag Jigsaw Shugo Toki Allows the user to destroy the core of a person or an object. Volume 5
Sex Eclipse Sex Eclipse Allows the user to create numerous personalites inside their body. The user can also implant these personas into other people to control them.Each persona has their own ability. Volume 5
Lost Regalia Tamaki Hinoemata Allows the user to negate the powers of others. Volume 10
White Rulebook Umeko Tanaka "System" Allows the user to gain the perfect counter power against any opponent. Volume 5
101 WanWan Hatsuhiko


Allows the user to create 125 copies of themselves. Volume 9
BOMB Voyage Hatsuba Hachisuka Allows the user to ignite explosions. Volume 9
Two tool to too true Haneko Hamai Allows the user to forcibly obligate a person to fulfill a promise he made in front of the user, by creating a duplicate of the person inside his head that won't disappear until he's fulfilled his promise. Volume 9