The Slippery Climb

Slippery Climb is the 24th level (including boss fights) and is the 7th level of the 3rd island in Tomoyo Kanzaki. In this level, she must traverse the outside of Shizumu Castle whild avoiding a gauntlet of traps and tricky jumps. There is only one Check Point Crate in the whole level, or two if the players enters the Cookie bonus round. It is the only castle exterior type of level in the game. A Mirei bonus round in the previous level, The High Road, saves at this level.

Level DesignEdit

Slippery Climb takes place during a stormy night on the exterior of Shizumu Castle. She must reach the top of the castle by jumping through a series of moving platforms and elevators respectively. The red gem can be obtained from this level if the player successfully breaks all the crates without dying.


This corresponds to a save file at this level (68%, 0keys, 14 gems).


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