Silas Knight is a recurring enemies in the Hatoko game series. He yields a Sword ability when inhaled


Silas Knight is a tiny soldier armed with a sword. He had a tanned face with brown eyes and hair, and worn a suit of armor that is purple in color. He wears a brownish belt with a silver buckle, as well as purple boots resembling those of Ursa Knight.

In gamesEdit

In Hatoko's Candy Shards

Another Silas Knight got appeared again on Stage 1 of the second level. But at this time, he found Sparky and Waddle Ichigo whatever in their battles in own mid-boss, Mr. Frosty.

In Hatoko: Spooky minus

Silas Knight whatsoever headed on the first stage, where the four allies to appear Boxin, Noddy, Pengu and Twister to joined up Selvaland.

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