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Shizumu Sagami
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Japanese 相模 静夢
Rōmaji Sagami Shizumu
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Green
Hair Blond
Occupation Student
Affiliation Fallen Black
School Senkō Private High School
Anime debut Episode 3
Japanese voice Yoshimasa Hosoya
English voice Blake Shepard

Shizumu Sagami (相模 静夢 Sagami Shizumu) is a supporting character in Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de.


Sagami is a quite attractive teenager, thus making many girls confess to him. He has been in many relationships but all the girls that confessed to him broke up with him, because of his otaku behavior. He mentioned this in episode three.

He has blond and quite messy hair. His hair is tied into a small ponytail - which in seen leaning on the right side. He has small light green eyes.

He often wears a red coatee, with a yellow-orange shirt underneath, and he sometimes erar a blue tie, and he wears white pants and brown shoes.


Sagami has a soft tone in is voice, although he is a little mysterious, and he highly irritated Jurai. He helped Sayumi to be together with Jurai and he often plays around with her (on a bad way, making Sayumi angry) It looks like he does it on purpose.

Background Edit

As a child, his mother was involved in a car accident which left her in a deep coma. Since then, Sagami has been visiting her at the hospital regularly at night. It was at that time when he met Hajime Kiryū, who was the son of the nurse who was taking care of his mother.

Later, in middle school, he met Jurai Andō and began dating Tamaki Futaba. Even though he disliked having male friends, he thought Jurai wasn't that bad and accepted him as a friend. Jurai saw them both as the ideal couple, and the three of them alongside Hatoko often hang out together.

At some point in high school, Hajime introduced Sagami to Reatier, something he was very happy about, because he finally got to meet a non-human girl. He was proposed to join the Fairy War, but he asked for time to make a decision. Reatier accepted. Then, Sagami became the 13th member of Fallen Black and was given the alias "Innocent Onlooker" by Hajime, even though he had no powers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

After the events of volume 11, Sagami decided to join the Fairy War for the sake of Jurai. His power is called "Innocent Onlooker". The details of this power are still unknown.


  • His love is apparently his Nintendo DS.
  • He and Jurai do not get along, despite both enjoying anime.
  • He is a childhood friend of Hajime Kiryū.
  • Sagami refers to himself as reader in the anime. In the light novels, it's revealed he is a member of Fallen Black.
  • His mother has been hospitalized since he was a child because she was involved in a car accident and fell into a deep coma.

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