Shizumu Sagami
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Japanese 相模 静夢
Rōmaji Sagami Shizumu
Personal Information
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Green
Hair Blond
Occupation Student
Affiliation Fallen Black
School Senkō Private High School
Anime debut Episode 3
Japanese voice Yoshimasa Hosoya
English voice Blake Shepard

Shizumu Sagami (相模 静夢 Sagami Shizumu) is a supporting character in Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de.


Sagami is a quite cuck teenager, thus making many girls confess to him. He has been in many relationships but all the girls that confessed to him broke up with him, because of his otaku behavior. He mentioned this in episode three.

He has blond and quite messy hair. His hair is tied into a small ponytail - which in seen leaning on the right side. He has small light green eyes.

He often wears a red coatee, with a yellow-orange shirt underneath, and he sometimes erar a blue tie, and he wears white pants and brown shoes.


Sagami has a soft tone in is voice, although he is a little mysterious, and he highly irritated Jurai. He helped Sayumi to be together with Jurai and he often plays around with her (on a bad way, making Sayumi angry) It looks like he does it on purpose.

Story Edit

Background Edit

As a child, Shizumu’s mother, Shizuka Sagami, was involved in a car accident which left her in a deep coma. Since then, Shizumu has been visiting her at the hospital regularly at night. He usually tells her everything he does and also about the new people he meets. It was at that time when he met Hajime Kiryū, who was the son of the nurse who was taking care of his mother.

Life in Middle School and meeting Jurai Andō Edit

In middle school, Shizumu began dating a girl named Tamaki Futaba, who much to his surprise, was trying her best to make him like her, even though she had noticed his weird antics. One day, Shizumu encountered a group of bullies molesting a boy. Even though he had no interest in them, they noticed him and got him involved in the mess. Just when things were getting from bad to worse, Tamaki appeared and make the bullies go away. However, Tamaki hit Jurai by accident, leaving him unconscious. When the boy woke up, the three of them introduced each other. The boy’s name was Jurai Andō.

After that, they began to go out together. Even though Shizumu disliked the idea of having male friends, he thought Jurai wasn't that bad and accepted him as a friend. Jurai saw Shizumu and Tamaki as the ideal couple and was really happy for them. The three of them alongside Jurai’s childhood friend, Hatoko Kushikawa, often hanged out together and even went to a summer festival together.

Even though Shizumu was dating Tamaki, that didn’t stop him from going out with other girls. Once, he and another girl ended up in the same cinema Jurai and Tamaki were. However, Jurai kept the secret, trying to protect Tamaki and Shizumu’s relationship.

One rainy day, Shizumu discovered Tamaki’s affair with another guy by reading some messages in her phone. Shizumu broke up with her immediately and left. Later, Shizumu received a mail from Jurai about Tamaki being at his home. When he arrived, he saw them both about to kiss each other. Completely understanding what Jurai was thinking, Shizumu mentioned what Jurai was feeling was not love, but pity. 

Seeing Shizumu, Tamaki pushed Jurai away and tried to make it look like it was Jurai the one who hugged her. Shizumu was very cold and indifferent to Tamaki, who could only apologize and ask for his forgiveness, mentioning that she only liked Shizumu. He didn't pay attention to her words and told Jurai that now he should understand what kind of woman Tamaki was. He mentioned she was just a frivolous woman who opens her heart and her legs to any man who treats her like a princess. When Shizumu was about to leave, Tamaki caught him by the hand, asking him in tears to wait and listen to her. Shizumu told her coldly that he hates her and doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. Shizumu told her to conserve all the gifts he gave her because he didn't want anything touched by her filthy hands. Finally, he left the house. Tamaki fell to the ground and Jurai rushed outside to catch up with Shizumu.

When Jurai pressed Shizumu to explain himself about everything, he mentioned the reason behind their break up. Shizumu told Jurai about how he saw an email in her phone that proved that she was having an affair with another man named Zenya Aragaki, the one who was bullying Jurai some months ago. Shizumu mentioned that judging by the content of the mail which contained a lot of heart shaped symbols, one could tell they were very friendly and had a good relationship. Jurai didn't want to believe it at first, but soon realized that it was true due to Tamaki's behavior earlier. Shizumu told him she was that kind of woman and bet she told him about the abuse she was receiving from her parents, upsetting Jurai. But then, Shizumu asked him if he ever saw such bruises. Jurai questioned him if he was trying to imply it was a lie, but Shizumu said he didn't care if it was true or not, since it was no longer his business.

Trying to find logic to the whole situation, Jurai realized that Tamaki wasn't the perfect girl he idealized. He realized she was just a normal girl who looked for another man because her boyfriend was such a jerk who didn't care for her. Believing that Tamaki did all this because she was frustrated with Shizumu for not showing her love or paying her attention, Jurai tried for the last time to convince him to star things over with her, believing that they still could patch things up, but to no avail. Shizumu told him that was just wishful thinking and he couldn't bring himself to like Tamaki again because she had an affair. Jurai tried to argue that Tamaki only had a date with that other man and something like that could not be called having an affair because they didn't go that far, but Shizumu angrily told him not to underestimate the word “virgin”. He told Jurai that a virgin was not only pure in body, but also in mind. If one of the two was lacking, then you couldn't be a true virgin. Shizumu said that a girl like that was just another man in his eyes. Jurai angrily shouted back, saying that Shizumu was in no position to say such nonsense because he was at fault too. However, Shizumu resplied that he had a right to say all that because he was a reader. He explained that a reader was an egocentric, selfish and irresponsible existence, a being that didn't have any obligation and only had the right to choose.

When the cold truth finally hit Jurai, he understood that Shizumu and Tamaki's relationship was over from the start, it was destined to fail from the exact moment they met. A girl who only was in love with the idea of being in love and a boy who rejects love because he only sees it as part of the entertainment. There was no doubt that such a relationship where neither of the two understood each other was going to end in a decisive rupture. The realization of this harsh reality greatly affected Jurai's mind, leading him to a very depressed state. After that rainy day, Jurai stopped contacting him. And just like that, the relationship between the four friends was over. Shizumu didn’t mind this and continue dating different girls.

At their third year in middle school, Jurai contacted Shizumu again and asked him to meet him. Jurai punched Shizumu and then asked him to punch him back, but Shizumu throw a kick instead, mentioning he didn’t want to hurt the hands he uses to hold his girlfriend. Jurai told him he hated Shizumu’s behavior, but at the same time, he didn’t want to stop talking with him. Jurai proposed to stop being friends and return to being just acquaintances, to which Shizumu agreed, laughing at Jurai’s new self.

After some time, Shizumu took Jurai to see her comatose mother in the hospital. Jurai was really nervous being there and asked Shizumu the reason for taking him there, but Shizumu just told him he wanted to see his reaction. 

Life in High School and joining Fallen Black Edit

A year later, Shizumu went to Senkō High School, along with Jurai and Hatoko. Even though he and Jurai were considered friends by others due to their interactions, they always replied they were just acquaintances. At some point, Hajime began telling him about the Fairy War and the superpowers, then later, Hajime introduced Shizumu to Reatier, something he was very happy about, because he finally got to meet a non-human girl. Shizumu was proposed to join the Fairy War, but he declined and asked for time to make a decision, which Reatier accepted. Then, Shizumu Sagami became the 13th member of Fallen Black and was given the alias "Innocent Onlooker" by Hajime, even though he had no powers. Hajime also told him about the literature club’s superpowers.

One day, Shizumu went to Fallen Black’s hideout. There, he met Hitomi Saitō. Shizumu revealed he was the hidden member of Fallen Black and nobody knew about him except Hajime and her, which was a lie because Shizumu had met every member in the same manner. Shizumu told her that he was an old friend of Hajime and even though he didn't have powers, he knew of the Fairy War and also had met Reatier before. Then, Shizumu tried to flirt with her, but stopped after learning Hitomi's age, mentioning she was an old hag, but she couldn’t hear it. Hitomi asked him his reason for coming and Shizumu told her he had heard that a cute girl had a little problem of incontinence in this place, much to Hitomi's dismay. She tried to lie, but Shizumu saw through her lie, mentioning he had already found the place by the smell of the deodorant. Hitomi though this man was a dangerous pervert and didn't want to imagine what he had done before she came.

Then, Hitomi decided to talk with Shizumu about Hajime's plan to attack the enemy group, F, all alone. Shizumu mentioned it was just like him to do something like that. He told her he had already listened about her from Hajime, telling her that Hajime had called her a good woman. Hitomi blushed at this revelation and was more than happy because of it. However, Shizumu teased Hitomi, telling her that a good person is called like that because that person is convenient for someone, always doing everything he or she is asked to do. Hitomi argued back that she was a convenient girl just for Hajime, but Shizumu told her that Hajime was not looking for such a girl. He mentioned that Hajime will never look at her current self and asked her if she would consider betraying him. Hitomi was very angry, but Shizumu told her not to misunderstand him because he was at her side, even though he didn't find a romantic comedy with people past their twenties appealing at all. Just when Shizumu was leaving, Hitomi asked him for his honest opinion of her as a woman, Shizumu told her that she was out of question, completely crushing Hitomi's pride as a woman.

When Fallen Black planned to kidnap “Root of Origin” to heal Hajime’ eye, Shizumu was tasked with stealing Hatoko’s mobile phone, which he did even though he didn’t know why. Later that day, he met a troubled Jurai, who was desperately looking for Hatoko. Shizumu scolded Jurai for not noticing Hatoko’s high level of stress before. Shizumu told Jurai he wasn’t being considerate how Hatoko was feeling and just continued talking with her about things she didn’t understand. The next day, in the third floor of the school, Shizumu gave Hatoko’s mobile phone to Jurai, telling him she lost it. Unknown to Jurai, Shizumu had changed Hatoko’s wallpaper for a porn image as a prank. After Jurai left, Shizumu received a call from Hajime, informing him about the details and outcome of the kidnapping plan. Hajime asked him if he was going to join the war, but Shizumu said no. He was a reader and wanted to see the story’s progression from his seat. 

Once the conversation was over and Shizumu was about to leave, a desperate Jurai came back running, confronting him about the porn image in Hatoko’s phone. Jurai told him he was completely shocked when he opened Hatoko’s phone in the corridor, even the girl behind him went pale and ran away. Changing the subject, Shizumu asked Jurai about what kind of person Tomoyo’s brother was. Jurai was surprised because he didn’t remember telling him about his encounter with Hajime. Shizumu just told him he heard him talking about him with Tomoyo. Jurai just sighed and told him that Hajime was the same as him. Shizumu thought that was right, those two were really similar, they were two opposing sides of a mirror. Then, Shizumu told Jurai he was happy that Jurai finally found someone to get along, but Jurai told him that they haven’t met since their first encounter. Shizumu asked him why not ask Tomoyo for his contact info, even though Shizumu knew that even Tomoyo couldn’t contact him. Jurai told him that he didn’t want their reunion to be that simple, he wanted it to be an unexpected reunion. Then, Jurai added that reunion would also be scary. Seeing Jurai smile with his shining eyes, made Shizumu smile as well.

Before summer vacation, Shizumu approached Sayumi Takanashi and offered his help to make her Jurai’s girlfriend, which she regretfully accepted. Shizumu made Sayumi go to Jurai’s home in summer vacation and ask him about his past, which she did. Sayumi heard the story about how Jurai met Tamaki and Shizumu and how Jurai got hurt by them. In her way home, Sayumi received a call from Shizumu, who told her that this was a necessary step for her to beat the main heroine, Tomoyo Kanzaki. Also, Shizumu told her not to let Jurai find out the white-haired girl he met three years ago was Tomoyo because that would be the end for Sayumi.

Later, the next part of Shizumu’s plan took place in the water park. There, Shizumu made Sayumi wear a white bikini and told her not to get wet because the bikini will turn invisible, making Sayumi really nervous. Shizumu was observing the whole time how Sayumi was evading the water, enjoying the scene before him. When Sayumi finally found out Shizumu tricked her and the bikini was a normal one, she went to see Shizumu and punched him, telling him she was done with him. Later, Sayumi told Shizumu that their alliance was over and that she was going to tell Jurai about the identity of the white-haired girl. Shizumu told her she was going to ruin her chances, but Sayumi told her that she wanted things to be fair.

After Sayumi rejected his help, Shizumu contacted Hajime and asked him to pick him up at the water park because the last bus had already left. Once Hajime, Hitomi and Umeko arrived, they took Shizumu to the hospital. In their way, Hitomi had to make Hajime gave up his front seat and change places with Shizumu because he was acting weird around Umeko in the backseat. Once in the hospital, Shizumu went to see his mother. Noticing the Manjū beside her bed, Shizumu mentioned it was probably a present from Hajime. Shizumu remembered that Hajime’s mother used to buy them for Hajime and him when they were kids. Then, Shizumu began telling her mother everything he did that day.

When the day of the Cultural Festival arrived, Shizumu was invited by a girl to go and have fun. However, that girl dumped him when she saw his weird antics. Later, Shizumu was in the audience when the literature club played “Romeo and Juliet” and could see Sayumi watching Chifuyu kissing Jurai in the last scene. After the play, Shizumu rewrote the title of the poster outside to “Lolio and Juliet”, much to Jurai’s chagrin. After that, Shizumu went to see Sayumi and talked her about the kiss. There, Sayumi informed him that she was planning to confess to Jurai the next day, but Shizumu told her she was going to fail.

The next day, Shizumu noticed he had become a woman and was really happy about it. When he met Jurai at school, he tried to pretend he didn’t notice the change and acted as if he had always been a woman. Later, Shizumu met Sayumi at the girls’ bathroom. It was then that Shizumu revealed he had noticed the change in the world and how everyone was different. Also, Shizumu revealed he knew this incident was probably due to “Root of Origin” going out of control, much to Sayumi’s shock. Shizumu told her he knew about the superpowers and also knew the reason why the world had changed due to hearing her plan to confess yesterday. Sayumi was scared of confessing and secretly wished for everything to return to normal. This unintentionally activated Root of Origin, which affected every person who like Jurai.

Climax of the Fairy War Arc Edit

After the world was turned back to normal, Shizumu returned back to being male, much to his chagrin. Shizumu theorized that Sayumi finally confessed to Jurai and just when he was beginning to wonder what to do with the sex toys for women he bought, Shizumu received a mail from Hitomi Saitō to meet with her.

At the family restaurant, Shizumu met Hitomi, offering her the sex toys he bought earlier, much to her displeasure. After ordering some drinks, Hitomi informed Shizumu about Fallen Black’s break up, but Shizumu wasn’t surprised because considering how the group was formed and how the leader acts, the break up was inevitable. Hitomi told him that Fallen Black divided into three groups. Hitomi joined with Aki and Shugo, while Hajime joined with Yanagi and “Hinoemata”. Genre Yusano decided to act alone. Hitomi asked Shizumu who he was going to side with, but he just told her that he was a spectator and was not planning to side with anyone. 

Changing the subject, Shizumu mentioned it was a surprise to see Hitomi betraying Hajime, but she told him she couldn’t turn back on her decision and was going to give Hajime a big punch to the face. Even though Shizumu already knew it, Hitomi told him that Haime won the Fourth Fairy War and his wish was to continue the war, making the Fifth Fairy War take place right after the Fourth War ended. Hitomi wanted to stop Hajime from doing that again, so she chose to rebel against him. Then, Hitomi revealed that Umeko had died, much to Shizumu’s surprise. He couldn’t believe that and began to cry, feeling sorry for her, but Hitomi told him not to feel pity for her, because that was Umeko’s wish.

After saying goodbye to Hitomi, Shizumu returned to his apartment. In the rooftop, he met Yanagi, who lived in the same building as him. Yanagi informed him that he was helping “Hinoemata” by creating a closed space and trapping a dark-haired high schooler inside it. Shizumu then realized the high schooler that Yanagi was mentioning was Jurai and “Hinoemata” was Tamaki, who had changed her surname after the divorce of her parents. Shizumu thought that Tamaki’s power, “Lost Regalia”, was really troublesome because it could deny Jurai’s power’s activation and also could prevent his friends from worrying about his disappearance. Only Shizumu knew about Jurai’s current predicament. However, Shizumu wasn’t going to save him or inform the literature club about it, because after all, they were not friends, they were just acquaintances.

Just when Shizumu was about to go to a game center, he received a call from Sayumi Takanashi. She asked him to meet her in the same restaurant he was with Hitomi earlier. There, Sayumi asked him if he knew about Jurai’s whereabouts. Shizumu lied and said he didn’t. Sayumi accepted his answer without hesitation and Shizumu noticed that Tamaki’s power was affecting her, not letting her worry about Jurai or think carefully about the situation. Then, they talked about Sayumi’s confession and how she was suddenly interrupted by the world returning to normal. Shizumu noticed that it was Tamaki who returned the world back to normal. She didn’t let Sayumi confess to Jurai. She was jealous that Jurai could get a confession from another girl. She thought it wasn’t fair for Jurai to be a happy while she was unhappy. Shizumu thought it was a really selfish way of thinking because she was victimizing herself. Then, Sayumi and Shizumu talked about the meaning of being a reader. Finally, Sayumi told Shizumu that he was not just a reader, but then, Shizumu’s brain blocked Sayumi’s next words and left the place.

Before he noticed, Shizumu ended up in front of Sakuragawa High School. There, he met Aki Natsu, who was leaving school. They talked about Hitomi’s rebellion and also about a favor Tamaki asked Aki before the group’s break up. Aki mentioned that she was asked to go and see a high schooler named Jurai Andō and find out everything about his power. Aki mentioned that Jurai’s power was really lame, but its true form was really dangerous, because once activated, the warm black flame become an inextinguishable black flame, capable of burning everything, including Jurai. Shizumu was really surprised to find out that Jurai’s power had that amazing secret ability. Then, he unintentionally informed Aki about Yanagi and Tamaki’s actions, so Aki decided to contact Hitomi and Shugo to talk about it. Aki offered Shizumu to take him home in Hitomi’s car, but Shizumu declined, saying that he didn’t want to meet Shugo, because a yankee like him could never get along with a guy like Shizumu.

In his way home, Shizumu encountered Hatoko Kushikawa. Shizumu noticed, that just like Sayumi, Hatoko was looking for Jurai, but due to Tamaki’s power, she wasn’t too serious about it. They talked about Jurai and Hatoko’s feelings about him. Shizumu noticed that Hatoko and Tamaki were similar. Both girls wanted to be liked by the boys they were interested in, therefore they tried to understand their beloved person’s likes. However, they couldn’t and were very stressed about it. However, unlike Tamaki, Hatoko didn’t give up and isn’t trapped in the past, she continues looking forward. 

After this encounter, Shizumu noticed people around him had disappeared, then, Genre Yusano appeared before him and asked him to tell her something interesting. Shizumu asked Genre why she left Fallen Black, so Genre told him that she wanted revenge against Hajime for killing her in the past war and also to stop him from continuing the Fairy War again. Genre told him she wanted to create a new personality inside her by talking with Shizumu, however, she couldn’t. Then, Genre asked Shizumu if he was really alive, which made Shizumu wonder about his life.

Shizumu thought that if there was a moment when he could had died, that was when his mother was hit by the truck in front of him. At that time, Shizumu’s mind, in order to protect itself from the shock, changed his perspective of things. He stopped seeing things from a first person’s perspective. He felt he was seeing everything as an outsider and because of this, he didn’t feel anything, nor sadness, nor pain. That day, he became a reader.

Then, he heard a dry laugh. It was Hajime Kiryū, who was looking for Genre to settle things with her. Shizumu asked him about what he was planning to do with the literature club. Shizumu guessed that Hajime probably wanted the final match in this war be him against his half-sister, Tomoyo Kanzaki. Since their powers, the manipulation of gravity and time, are perfectly connected, it makes sense for a chūni like him to want that kind of battle. However, Hajime just laughed and before parting, he told Shizumu that way of thinking was wrong and is just what a reader would think.

After that, Shizumu bumped into Tomoyo Kanzaki, who had a bag of books she bought. Shizumu tricked her into coming to the family restaurant by telling her Jurai was there. Being third times in this restaurant in the same day made Shizumu wonder about what the employers thought about him coming there with a different girl each time. Shizumu told her he lied about knowing something about Jurai, making Tomoyo upset. But, before she could leave, Shizumu told her to stay at least until she finishes her drink, to which Tomoyo agreed. They talked about the books Tomoyo bought earlier. Shizumu told her that it was the author’s fault that people could no longer enjoy stories without looking for flaws, so it would be better if the author didn’t exist. Tomoyo told him that without authors, there would be no stories. Shizumu agreed and mentions it was an endless paradox, surprising Tomoyo. Hearing Shizumu badmouthing the authors, Tomoyo could no longer held back and told him she hated that way of thinking. Tomoyo told him that stories are made by both the author and the reader. They complimented each other. Both parts are necessary for a story to be successful.

This conversation with Tomoyo made Shizumu remember Sayumi’s words from before. Sayumi told him that he wasn’t just a reader, he was both a reader and an author. Every person has both sides inside them. However, the person named Shizumu Sagami didn’t have an author side, and that’s because that part of him died when he watched his mother being hit by a truck. Sayumi told him that Shizumu’s reader part grew so much that he became just as he is now. However, Sayumi mentioned that Shizumu’s current personality is just a barrier because he is scared. He wants to be recognized and liked just like every author, but he’s scared of being rejected. Shizumu got angry and told Sayumi not to talk about him like she knew him. However, Sayumi mocked him and used Shizumu’s usual words, that’s the reader’s privilege. Shizumu couldn’t answer back because he felt he deserved it. But then, Sayumi told him everything would be okay for him and there is no need to be scared, because an author is always born inside of a reader. Shizumu noticed that even thought his author part died back when he was a child, that part could reborn inside him again. 

After remembering that conversation, Shizumu asked Tomoyo to teach him to write a novel. Tomoyo got really nervous and told him she wasn’t that experience to teach someone. However, Shizumu told her it was enough with simple things. In the end, Tomoyo accepted and Shizumu thanked her. Suddenly, Shizumu got up and gave money to Tomoyo to pay. Tomoyo asked him if he was leaving already, to which he replied he had something to do.

Running back to the river side, Shizumu was planning to save Jurai even if he was hurt by Tamaki in the process. But, when he arrived, he saw Jurai sitting by the river side with an unconscious Tamaki at his side. Jurai told him he had defeated Tamaki, much to Shizumu’s surprise. 

When Tamaki woke up, she was completely scared when she saw Shizumu. Tamaki didn’t want to see him in the eye and was acting really nervous. Shizumu told her he didn’t love her anymore and the same could be said about her, however, Shizumu didn’t want to scold her or anything. Instead, he thanked her for liking him, and also for trying to make him like her. Shizumu told her he was really happy when they were dating. Shizumu told her they shouldn’t be trapped in the past and must continue moving forward. Tamaki began to cry and apologized to Jurai, finally making amends with them.

However, some moments later, Tamaki was completely swallowed by a small black hole, killing her instantly. Jurai was completely shocked, but Shizumu told him she would be alright. At that moment, Hajime appeared before them, declaring that only 8 people remained in the Fairy War and finally was time to move to the final stage. Shizumu could not believe this because that same day, he had encountered many ability users which were more than eight. Shizumu guessed that Hajime must have done something while he was running to save Jurai. Then, Shizumu made his decision and accepted Reatier’s invitation to enter the Fairy War from long ago. A white light involved Shizumu and made him an ability user. His power being called “Innocent Onlooker”.

Shizumu told Hajime that the war was not advancing to the next stage. Hajime told him it was too late for Shizumu to have his turn in the stage, but Shizumu replied that it didn’t matter, because he was going to create a turn. Then, Shizumu challenged Hajime to a battle, telling him he's doing this for the sake of his friend.

After using his power, Shizumu showed Hajime and Jurai some visions about their futures. Also, he could use this ability to transmit his words to Jurai by thinking about what he was going to tell him in the future. At that moment, Hajime used a strong gravitational force to smash violently Shizumu to the ground. Shizumu was ashamed to be defeated like some kind of bug, but he thought this kind of ending was fitting for someone him. Then, Shizumu asked Hajime why he finished the fight so quickly. Hajime was the kind of man who enjoys battles and doesn’t go all out in order to prolong the fight. However, in this case, Hajime defeated Shizumu in one second. He didn’t laugh, he didn’t speak and he didn’t make his usual poses. Shizumu asked him if he was that impatient to continue the war. Hajime looked serious and didn’t speak a single word. He wasn’t the usual sarcastic Hajime. Then, Shizumu mocked Hajime for looking angry and asked him if he didn’t like the future he saw. Hajime just laughed and said that even if what Shizumu said was true, then so what? Hajime got near Shizumu and said he did well because he didn’t expect to be attacked like this. And also, the future he saw was awful. Shizumu’s voice told Jurai to escape. He had been trying to get Hajime’s attention all this time, so Jurai could escape. However, Hajime had already used his power to immobilize Jurai. 

Just when Hajime was about to finish Shizumu Hitomi appeared and made Hajime miss his target by showing him an illusion with her power. Then, Shugo rushed to attack Hajime. Hitomi helpedShizumu who was still on the ground. Shizumu thanks Hitomi and promises not to treat her as some old hag again. She mentions that if he is able to badmouth her like that, then he’s fine. Shizumu tells Jurai that even though his own body was a mess, he was going to try to help Hitomi, but Jurai should escape. Noticing Jurai’s hesitation, he rephrased his words and told him to go to protect the literature club girls. By using his power, Shizumu transmitted all the information he knew regarding the Fairy war, Fallen black and Hajime to Jurai, so he could be ready in case Shizumu and Fallen Black fail to stop Hajime. Then, they call each other the same way they used to in the past, when they considered each other as friends. ‘Jurai’ and ‘Sagamin’. 

Then, Shizumu falls to his knees again. He isn’t in good condition. He seems to have some broken ribs. Hitomi tries to give him a hand, but Shizumu tells her that he will remain on the ground watching how everything develops. Meanwhile, Hajime and Shugo continue their battle. Aki who is next to Hitomi begins to cheer for Shugo, saying that the time interval before Hajime can use his strongest attacks again is 3 minutes, so this was their chance. Shizumu thinks that something is strange. Hajime had said before that 'there were only 8 people left in the war', however, there were more than 10 people with superpowers currently. Hearing this, Hajime just laughed and said he lied. Shizumu couldn’t believe it, but Hajime tells him that soon his lie will become true.

Shizumu witnesses how Fallen Black manages to corner Hajime and force him to use his secret ability, Lucifer’s Execution, the power to skip time. However, it’s here when Hitomi reveals her secret plan to defeat Hajime. By having Genre Yusano implant one of her personalities into Mirei Kudou, Yusano is able to control Mirei and use her power to steal Hajime’s power, leaving him powerless. Shizumu is impressed by Hitomi's plan and how she made Fallen Black work as a team. However, Hajime starts to laugh and says he was wrong. He was wrong for wanting to have companions, since no one will ever be able to understand him. At that moment, everyone fall down to the ground, being completely held down by a strong gravitational force. Shizumu couldn’t believe this, since Hajime shouldn’t have his power. However, Hajime reveals that Mirei's power originally was 'stealing a power for a short period of time' and it was he who changed it to 'stealing a power forever'. The only thing he did was change it back. Shizumu notices that Hajime is using his ability ad administrator fo this war. The same kind of control the fairies had over the superpowers. Then, Hajime change the powers' settings of everyone. In Shizumu’s case, he added the rule ‘the cost of using this power was losing your sight’. After losing his light, Shizumu only saw darkness. However, he could still hear Hitomi’s words and Hajime’s final goodbye. Shizumu used his last moments to tell Jurai he was leaving everything on his hands and also to ask him to save Hajime. Then, he along with the other members of Fallen Black were finished off. Due to the rules of the fairy war, Shizumu was revived with both his memory and power erased.

Half-year after the final battle between Jurai and Hajime, Shizumu continued being good friends with Jurai. Also, his mother woke up from her coma and is slowly recovering. Shizumu notices that Jurai is in love with someone and mentions he’s jealous and wants to fall in love too. Even joking about wanting to go out with Tamaki again. Shizumu tells Jurai he's going to the hospital, so Jurai asks him to send his regards to Shizumu's mother. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

His ability is called Innocent Onlooker, which allows him to make his opponent see the future. However, the future visions that this power shows are not 100% absolute. Also, Shizumu can´t see what kind of future his opponent is seeing.

Shizumu can use his power to communicate with others, by thinking what he will say to someone in the future, he can transmit his words as some kind of telepathy to that person.


  • His love is apparently his Nintendo DS.
  • He and Jurai do not get along, despite both enjoying anime.
  • He is a childhood friend of Hajime Kiryū.
  • Sagami refers to himself as reader in the anime. In the light novels, it's revealed he is a member of Fallen Black.

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