Sayumi Takanashi
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Chara04 Sayumi Takanashi

Japanese 高梨 彩弓 (たかなし さゆみ)
Rōmaji Takanashi Sayumi
Other Names Sayu-nē by Maiya Takanashi
Onē-chan by Maiya Takanashi
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 17 (Prologue)
18 (Second Arc)
Blood Type A
Status Alive
Relatives Maiya Takanashi (younger sister)
Unamed grandmother (deceased)
Eye Purple-Orange
Hair Dark Purple
Occupation Student
Superpower User
Affiliation Literature Club
School Senkō Private High School
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Light Novel debut Light Novel Volume 1
Japanese voice Risa Taneda
English voice Maggie Flecknoe

Sayumi Takanashi ((たか)(なし) ()(ゆみ) Takanashi Sayumi) is one of the main characters of Inou Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de, and the president of the Literature Club. Her ability called "Root of Origin", allows her to restore any object to their original state just by touching them. She later gains an evolved version of her ability called "Ouroboros Circle", which allows her to restore whole areas, instead of just singular objects, back to their natural state.



Sayumi with her glasses on

Sayumi has orange colored eyes and dark purple hair. Her hair is long and wavy, but it curls up on the tip. Her fringe goes into two directions, but a piece of her fringe is straight. She has the largest breasts and she is the tallest compared to other female characters.

And like the other characters, she is almost always seen wearing her school uniform. But, she has a forest green tie and dark brown stockings that covers her whole legs.

She sometimes also have her hair tied into a big ponytail at the back, and when she is at home, she wears glasses.


Sayumi is a very refined girl that is normally seen reading books. Her other hobbies includes ikebana, origami, and martial arts.

Throughout the series so far she acts mature and regal, but when it comes down to sexual and perverted fan service moments, she acts like a shy, embarrassed girl. Sayumi is well-mannered, which can be seen that as she uses the san or kun-suffix (honorifics), even to her close friends.

She is also very calm, and though even when she is angry, she is calm. She also sees to it that things go quite nicely. She is also a very nice and generous person that is rarely seen being mad. Sayumi can also be consider very friendly and polite, unlike her younger sister, Maiya.

She wants to know more about her powers like the others, and is afraid of suddenly coming to a day of wakening up and losing them. As long as she has Jurai Ando to help and guide them along the way, she is very confident that the Club will prosper.


Root of OriginEdit

Her power is "Root of Origins" in which anyone she touches returns to his or her original state, although the exact nature of this remains vague. It is unknown whether this power can revive people, but Andō has told her to never do so, because some things shouldn't be changed

Root of Origin: Ouroboros CircleEdit

This is the next stage of her power "Root of Origins". It can restore the wholeness of the Literature Club. (Just like what happened to Hatoko in episode 8).


  • For some reason, Sayumi dislikes being called "cute."
  • There are hints that she likes Jurai Andō.
  • It is stated that she enjoys Male x Male relationships in the manga.
  • At the ending credits of Episode 12 of anime, she was seen buying a BL fan comic at a comiket.

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