Root of Origins
Japanese 始原哲理を鎖す円環 (ルートオブオリジン・ウロボロスサークル)
Rōmaji Rūto obu Orijin: Uroborosu Sākuru
Owner(s) Sayumi Takanashi
Origin Torus Binding Philosophy
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 8

Root of Origin: Ouroboros Circle (始原哲理を鎖す円環(ルートオブオリジン・ウロボロスサークル) Rūto obu Orijin: Uroborosu Sākuru) is the next stage of Sayumi Takanashi's power, "Root of Origin".

Capabilities Edit

  • Instead of only restoring one person or object to their original state, Sayumi can now return whole areas to their natural state of being.

Etymology Edit

Applications Edit


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