Naoe Hagiura
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Japanese 萩浦 直江
Rōmaji Hagiura Naoe
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 20-22
Status Alive
Eye Blue
Hair Blue
Anime debut Episode 11
Japanese voice Reina Ueda

Naoe Hagiura (萩浦 直江 Hagiura Naoe) is a supporting character of  Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de.  


She is a young woman with very long dark blue hair, that is straight, and at the bottom it is green. She have quite small blue eyes, that matches with her hair.



She was a member of the mysterious organization called "F." After the destruction of the organization, Shizumu Sagami offered her to let her join Hajime's group if she could defeat the literature club members. She agreed and decided to steal Mirei's body, getting her "Grateful Robber" superpower. She ambushed the literature club and managed to steal Hatoko and Chifuyu' s superpowers in the process. Unfortunately for her, Ando and the others managed to escape. Back in her hideout, she was disscussing with Sagami how surprised she was to find power users who didn't know anything about the war. Later, Andou contacted her and they agreed to meet each other in the literature club room. This time, her overconfidence in her ability resulted in her defeat. After witnessing Ando' s new awakened power, she decided to steal Andō's Dark and Dark of the End which proved to be a great mistake. Because of the inextinguishable black flames burning her arm, she abandoned Mirei´s body and returned to her own. Angry at her failure, she was about to plan her next move against the literature club, but then Hajime Kiryū appeared and killed her using his Pinpoint Abyss attack. Because of the rules of the Fairy War, her power was erased and she was revived with no memories of the war or the superpowers. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The name of her superpower is unknown, but it´s probably it doesn't have one since F's members didn´t use to name their abilities. Her power allows her to take over someone else's body, as consequence, she can also take over whatever power or memories the person has. While the person is being possessed, the person's mind is put into a sleep state. After the person recovers his body, he does not remember anything of what happened. Besides,while Naoe is possessing someone, her original body is put into a sleep state. 


  • She is an anime original character.

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