Jurai Andō Edit

  • Mirei thought that Andō loved her, and she had a little stalker personality on him, because she mistook 'Grateful Robber' for 'Grateful Lover' but after that Andō cleared the misunderstanding. However, they still maintain a friendly relationship. And as seen in episode 12, when Andō hugged her, she blushed. As Mirei was talking with Sayumi both of them confessed their love for Andō to each other.

Sayumi Takanashi Edit

  • Sayumi and Mirei seem to get along, and they maintain a friendly relationship too. In Episode 12, both of them confessed to each other that they've fell in love with Ando.

Tomoyo Kanzaki Edit

  • Tomoyo and Mirei are both friends and love rivals. Normally, they seem to get along, but when it comes to Jurai they start to 'fight' about him, however, they still maintain a friendly relationship.

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