Chifuyu Himeki Edit

Madoka and Chifuyu are bestfriends. Madoka cares for Chifuyu a lot and she is usually seen keeping her in check by fixing her uniform, brushing her, walking her to school, etc. Chifuyu said that she guides her, as she can't be without her, and she said that she almost got lost in her school because Madoka wasn't there to help her or guide her. Jurai said that Chifuyu depends on Madoka too much.

Madoka sometimes gets jealous or irritated if she sees Chifuyu with Jurai, and she don't want her to be with high schoolers, because she thought that she likes them more that her, and that Chifuyu have more fun with them, too. They had a fight because of this, but they made up because Chifuyu gave her a doll, and that no one can replace her, ever.

Jurai Andō Edit

It seems like that Madoka dislikes Jurai. She thinks that he is a pervert (and Jurai even said himself that he was a lolicon), making Madoka trying to avoid him. She gets irritated if she sees Chifuyu with him alone, thus making her to seperate them. But Jurai dosen't dislike Madoka, and still acts nice to her, which Madoka finds a little irritating. But in episode 10, it is hinted that Madoka maybe does like Andō, which in seen that she thought that he was cool and that Jurai likes it when she smiles. And Madoka does blush infront of him.

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