Madoka Kuki
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Japanese 九鬼 円 (くき まどか)
Rōmaji Kuki Madoka
Other Names Cookie by Chifuyu Himeki
Kuki-Chan by Jurai Andō
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 10
Status Alive
Eye Red-Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Student
School Unknown
Anime debut Episode 4
Japanese voice Emiri Katō
English voice Terri Doty

Madoka Kuki (()() (まどか) Kuki Madoka) is one of the supporting characters in Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de. She is Chifuyu Himeki's best friend.


Madoka is a small, cute girl. She has short black hair, but at the bottom it's dyed to blue, and she has her hair tied into a small ponytail at the back. She has red-brown eyes, and she is almost always seen with her school uniform, and also sometimes seen with her dark blue french beanie, which included in her school uniform. She also wears knee high white stockings, and brown shoes. Or else, she wears casual clothes. In episode 10, she was wearing a swimsuit.


Madoka is a very cheerful girl, but when she meets someone for the first time, she gets a little embarrased and nervous, but she is also very matured.

But she also have a have sweet and caring personality, and she cares for Chifuyu so much that she is usually seen keeping her in check by fixing her uniform, brushing her, walking her to school, etc.


Madoka is Chifuyu's bestfriend. Madoka once got into a fight with Chifuyu, before Chifuyu requested Shiharu to help her win Madoka as a gift to make up with her.


  • Kuki means "Nine Ogres".
  • Madoka means "Yen" which can also be read as "En" when saying a amount of Japanese money. It can also mean "circle." Jurai, of course, interprets her name as "Nine Circles of Hell."
  • Madoka thinks Andō is a pervert, so she tries to avoid him so much as possible.
  • She plays piano.

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