Machi Andō
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Japanese 安藤 真智
Rōmaji Andō Machi
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 20-23
Status Alive
Relatives Jurai Andō (younger brother)
Eye Green
Hair Light Brown
Anime debut Episode 7
Japanese voice Masumi Asano
English voice Molly Searcy

Machi Andō (安藤 真智 Andō Machi) is Jurai's older sister.


Machi is a beautiful young woman in her early 20's that slightly resembles her younger brother, Jurai. She has forest green eyes and she has quite short and straight light brown hair that is at least shoulder length.

When she is at home, her usual clothing is a white shirt and light blue jeans shorts. In episode 11, she was wearing a swimsuit.



  • Her name, Machi (真智) means "True Wisdom" in Japanese.
  • Like Jurai, she isn't good at cooking.

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