• "No matter what tricks the chariot and peasant prepare the king always prevails"

--Episode 10

  • "Anyone can cheer for you and your dreams, but only the people closest to you can worry about you."

    – -

  • "I am the Conqueror of Chaos. Purgatorial hellfire dancing in the abyss, distorting black flame in turbid crimson darkness, the light that leads to the madness, screams, and destruction, admonishing sin with sin : gouge your dark fragment in my body, and bare your fangs against arrogant providence! Dark and Dark!"

    – -

  • "Superpower are the coolest thing ever! And cool is all they need to be."

    – -

  • "No matter how much this world may change, I shall always remain myself."

    – To Tomoyo

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