Jurai Andō
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Chara01 Jurai Andou

Japanese (あん)(どう) 寿(じゅ)(らい)
Base 安藤 寿来
Furigana あんどう じゅらい
Rōmaji Andō Jurai
English July Andou[1]
Other Names Ju-kun by Hatoko Kushikawa
Stupid brother by Machi Andō (once)
An-san by Chifuyu Himeki (once)[2]
Darling by Mirei Kudō (Only in episode 2)
Alias Guiltia Sin Jurai
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16 (Beginning)
17 (Second Arc)
Blood Type O[3]
Status Alive
Relatives Machi Andō (older sister) unnamed father
Eye Teal
Hair Black
Occupation Student
Superpower User
Chūnibyō Patient[5]
Affiliation Literature Club
School Senkō Private High School
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Japanese voice Nobuhiko Okamoto
English voice Mateo Mpinduzi-Mott

Jurai Andō ((あん)(どう) 寿(じゅ)(らい) Andō Jurai), also written as July Andou in English, is the main protagonist of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de. His ability called "Dark and Dark", allows him to manipulate a dark flame on his right hand, although it's useless most of the time. He gains an evolved version of his Dark and Dark, called "Dark and Dark of the End".


Andō is a handsome and tall young man. He has unruly black hair and his eye color is teal. His usual clothing is his school uniform, red coat, white shirt, blue tie, white pants and light brown shoes. He sometimes pulls up the sleeve of his clothing on his right arm to the elbow whenever he uses his ability.


Jurai Andou

Andō is a nice, energetic boy, with a bad case of chuunibyou or NPD[6]. Despite this, he is actually fairly good at academics, and gets decent marks in his classes. Still, Andō is not very observant, and is completely oblivious to some of the feelings the female members of the cast have for him.

Later on, it is revealed that he was inspired to continue his delusional lifestyle in middle school by a certain silver-haired girl with glasses, which was later revealed to be Tomoyo.

Because of this, he has developed a very carefree personality that can often accept other peoples faults without much trouble. When he gained his superpower, he was excited, saying and even though it didn't do much, he still loved it all the same, because every guy wants one. Though, he does get depressed when others point out how useless his power is.

Andō also seems to be oblivious and dim to romance, due to the implied romantic feelings that Hatoko Kushikawa and Tomoyo Kanzaki have towards him in the series.

Also, Andō is caring, kind and generally understanding of situations, making the girls in the club being attracted to him, even Mirei and Madoka, and he always tries to pep up his friends, whenever they are sad.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark and DarkEdit

Andō's right hand has a special power, which is a black blaze that is "darkness" itself. It is not actually hot (described as lukewarm), not able to burn anything and is not very reliable.[7]

Dark and Dark of the End/Inferno Gate: MaximumEdit

This is the secondary stage of Dark and Dark.[8] This version of his superpower, which is hot unlike the first stage (which was described as 'lukewarm'). This burns everything, including the user and it can't be put out by anything.[9]


  • The person that spends the most time with Andō is Hatoko Kushikawa.
  • He is quite bad at cooking.
  • He is not allowed to buy his own clothing. Most likely due to his semi-delusional personality.
  • In terms of personality, Andō is very similar to Yūta Togashi from Love, Chūnibyō, and Other Delusions. Both had Chūnibyō in some point of their lives, and their personas involved manipulating a dark flame. On a side note, both have eyes of green shade.
  • On his light novel character profile, Andō's blood type is revealed as "King Type" ((おう)(がた), Ō-gata) which is crossed off and replacing for "O Type" ((オー)(がた) Ō-gata) as "King Type" is not a real blood type. This is pun on Japanese word for "King" and English letter "O" as they sound the same in Japanese.[10]
  • On the light novels, Jurai sometimes mentions some events that took place in the anime series which were not present in the light novel series, breaking the fourth wall in the process.


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