Jurai Andō

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Jurai Andō Edit

  • Hatoko is Jurai's childhood friend and neighbor. She has known him the longest out of the Literature Club. And she is also the only one in the club that is calling him for his first name, (Ju-Kun ) even if it's just a nickname. It was implied that Hatoko has romantic feelings for Jurai, as she gets jealous and upset at times when she sees Jurai alone with Tomoyo. She also confessed to Tomoyo that she wanted to date him, be with everyday, travel with him, cook for him, and be married to him and thus she wanted to be the 'chosen one'.

Tomoyo Kanzaki

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Tomoyo and Hatoko has a friendly relationship. They often interract with each other and they sometimes study together. Hatoko is also very open with Tomoyo, as she told her about her feelings for Jurai, because the knew Jurai the best. But Tomoyo were upset upon hearing that. Hatoko asked Tomoyo if she loved someone, but she said no, (but it is confirmed in episode 11 that she do have feelings for Jurai) in episode 12, (last episode) they became love-rivals.

Chifuyu Himeki

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They don't direct interact, but they get along and they maintain a friendly relationship. They even ignored Jurai together and Chifuyu comes to her sometimes for advice.

Sayumi Takanashi

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They don't interact much, but friends and fellow Literature Club member.

Machi Andō

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It hasn't been revealed so much about their relationship (yet), but Machi often entrusts Hatoko to make food for Jurai and her.

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