Grateful Robber
Japanese 強欲 (グレイトフルラバー)
Rōmaji Gureitofuru Rabā
Other Names, etc. Greed
Owner(s) Mirei Kudō
Origin Unknown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1

Grateful Robber (強欲(グレイトフルラバー) Gureitofuru Rabā) is a superpower owned and used by Mirei Kudō.

Capabilities Edit

Her superpower is Grateful Robber, which allows her to steal any ability she witnesses being activated. She can also steal another power, even if she has a another power on hand. She can exactly do what the user can do. Ex, combine two powers and make a stronger attack.

Applications Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The power's name, "Grateful Robber" (Gureitofuru Rabā), was confused with "Grateful Lover" (Gureitofuru Rabā) by Mirei.

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