Girls Approach (Decree)
Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de - 01 - Large 28
Name Girls Approach (Decree)
Japanese 『布告』ガールズアプローチ
Rōmaji Fukoku - Gāruzu Apurōchi
Alternative Titles
Type Anime
Airdate December 1, 2014
Season 1
Duration 24 minutes
Ending You Gotta Love Me!
Previous Next
Episode 8 Episode 10
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"Girls Approach (Decree)" (『布告』ガールズアプローチ Fukoku - Gāruzu Apurōchi) is the eighth episode of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de (anime). It aired on December 1, 2014.


While asking Jurai for some feedback on her completed novel, Tomoyo becomes embarrassed when she hears about a certain silver-wigged girl who convinced Jurai to continue his chunibyo lifestyle. Later, after the girls make Jurai to promise never to use his awakened power ever again, Hatoko helps Tomoyo with her studies. The next day, Jurai makes a promise with Chifuyu to take her to the pool during summer break, with Chifuyu learning that she may have developed feelings for him, while another male classmate, Shizumu Sagami, approaches Sayumi with the prospect of getting together with Jurai. Meanwhile, Hatoko reveals to Tomoyo that she is in love with Jurai, asking if she also feels the same.

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