Sensitive Age (Chuuni)
Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de - 01 - Large 28
Name Sensitive Age (Chuuni)
Japanese 『厨二』センシティブエイジ
Rōmaji Chūni - Senshitibu Eiji
Alternative Titles
Type Anime
Airdate November 5, 2014
Season 1
Duration 24 minutes
Ending You Gotta Love Me!
Previous Next
Episode 4 Episode 6
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"Capricious Lady (Eccentricity)" (『厨二』センシティブエイジ Chūni - Senshitibu Eiji) is the fifth episode of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de (anime). It aired on November 5, 2014.


Jurai buys himself a guitar, which he risks in a game against Chifuyu. Whilst retrieving his bag later that day, Jurai learns that Tomoyo is trying to become a novel author, being surprisingly supportive. Tomoyo feels pleased the next day when she passes the first round of a light novel award, so Jurai invites her to lunch on the weekend to celebrate. As the two spend time together on what many would see as a "date", element manipulator Hatoko Kushikawa is shocked to see them together.

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