Misconception (Mistaken Delivery)
Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de - 01 - Large 28
Name Misconception (Mistaken Delivery)
Japanese 『誤想』ミスコンセプション
Rōmaji Gosō - Misukonsepushon
Alternative Titles
Type Anime
Airdate October 13, 2014
Season 1
Duration 24 minutes
Ending You Gotta Love Me!
Previous Next
Episode 1 Episode 3
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"Misconception (Mistaken Delivery)" (『誤想』ミスコンセプション Gosō - Misukonsepushon) is the second episode of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de (anime). It aired on October 13, 2014.


Mirei receives an elaborately-phrased letter from Jurai, intended to give her ability the name of "Grateful Robber", but misreads it as "Grateful Lover", misinterpreting the letter as a love letter and declaring herself to now be Jurai's girlfriend, leading the entire club, Jurai included, baffled. After having to deal with both Mirei's over-the-top affections and the jealous glares of the other girls, Jurai explains the situation to Mirei, who seems heartbroken from being turned down. As Tomoyo Kanzaki comes to cheer up Jurai during his moment of guilt, he explains he chose that particular name for Mirei's power so it would match the others and show that she was one of their friends. Afterwards, Jurai receives an e-mail from Mirei apologising for the misunderstanding and accepting the name he gave her power.

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