Usual Days (Ordinary Life)
Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de - 01 - Large 28
Name Usual Days (Ordinary Life)
Japanese 『日常』ユージュアルデイズ
Rōmaji Zaiaku - Vaisu Penaruti
Alternative Titles
Type Anime
Airdate December 22, 2014
Season 1
Duration 24 minutes
Ending You Gotta Love Me!
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Episode 11 None →
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"Usual Days (Ordinary Life)" (『日常』ユージュアルデイズ Zaiaku - Vaisu Penaruti) is the twelfth episode of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de (anime). It aired on December 22, 2014.


Mirei steals Chifuyu's ability when she uses it to protect Hatoko, before Tomoyo helps everyone to escape. Regrouping at a karaoke box, the group deduce that the Mirei they fought against was an imposter possessing her body. Jurai goes by himself to confront the imposter, tricking her into stealing his enhanced "Dark and Dark of the End", which only serves to burn its user's hand with a never-ending flame that cannot be extinguished. This forces the imposter to return Mirei to her body, after which they use Chifuyu's powers to chop off the burning hands and send them to another dimension whilst Sayumi heals them. Meanwhile, the imposter is talking with [insert name] about his power, when Lucifirst shows up and tells her she's done, and sends her away. He then tells [insert name] to not mess with "the virgin hero" anymore. Following the incident, Sayumi and Mirei talk about how she became possessed, and then about Jurai's plan and the risks he took, then stating how that's one of the reasons why they loved him. Meanwhile, Tomoyo and Hatoko discuss their respective feelings for Jurai, and Chifuyu is waiting in a park for him. Jurai asked her if she wanted to continue being in the group, and after she says yes, the rest of the group shows up and everyone returns to their everyday lives.