Dark and Dark
Dark and Dark and Tomoyo
Japanese 黒焔 (ダーク・アンド・ダーク)
Rōmaji Dāku Ando Dāku
Other Names, etc. <<Dark and Dark>> The Raven Black
Form Flame
Color(s) Black
Attribute Darkness
Owner(s) Jurai Andō
Origin Unknown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Manga Chapter 1

Dark and Dark (黒焔(ダーク・アンド・ダーク) Dāku Ando Dāku) is a superpower owned and used by Jurai Andō.

Capabilities Edit

It produces a lukewarm dark flame on the user's palm, which however doesn't have any particular use at all until it's second evolution. In it's second evolution "Dark and Dark Over the End", it is an eternal flame that even burns the user and will eventually kill them if not put out.

Etymology Edit

The Japanese pronunciation of "Dark and Dark" (Dāku Ando Dāku), contains "Ando" which refers to it's owner, Jurai Andō.

Applications Edit

Jurai often used his original power in the power tests between the club members and throughout the season. He also used his second form of "Dark and Dark" in episodes 8 and 12.

Examples Edit

Episode 1Edit

The club's monthly power check-up.

Episode 6Edit

Flashback battle with Sayumi.

Episode 8Edit

Opening a bag of potato chips.

Episode 12Edit

The Final Battle.