Jurai Andō Edit

She desires for Andō to notice her as a person of interest as she promises in five years she will catch up to him. She too has feelings for Andō. Also in the light novel she was the first to kiss Andō.

Tomoyo KanzakiEdit

Sayumi TakanashiEdit

Hatoko KushikawaEdit

Madoka KukiEdit

Madoka and Chifuyu are best friends. Chifuyu said that she guides her, as she can't be without her, and she said that she almost got lost in her school because Madoka wasn't there to help her or guide her. Jurai said that Chifuyu depends on Madoka too much. They are very close, but they had a fight because Madoka thought that Chifuyu had more fun with Jurai and the others, but Chifuyu said that she also have fun with her, but they did make up because Chifuyu gave her a doll and she said that no one can replace Madoka, ever.