Chifuyu Himeki
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Chara05 Chifuyu Himeki

Japanese (ひめ)() ()(ふゆ)
Base 姫木 千冬
Furigana ひめき ちふ
Rōmaji Himeki Chifuyu
Other Names Chi-Chan by Madoka Kuki
Chifuyu-chan (almost by everybody)
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 10
Blood Type AB
Status Alive
Relatives Shiharu Satomi (aunt)
Unnamed mother
Eye Olive-brown
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student
Superpower User
Affiliation Literature Club
School Unknown
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Japanese voice Nanami Yamashita
English voice Sasha Paysinger

Chifuyu Himeki ((ひめ)() ()(ふゆ) Himeki Chifuyu) is one of the main characters of Inō Battle wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de. Her ability called "World Create", allows her to create any object of her choice using just matter alone.


Chifuyu is a short girl with long, straight blondish-gold hair that goes down to her waist and has two twin tails tied into two small, red hairbands. She sometimes has her whole hair tied up into two big ponytails with two big, red ribbons. She has olive-brown colored eyes.

She is almost always seen with her school uniform that consists of a white 'old fashioned shirt' featuring a red ribbon, a very long, dark turquoise colored skirt and suspenders. She also wears white and light blue striped tights and a pair of red ballerina shoes. She sometimes wears a dark blue french beanie.


Chifuyu is a 4th grade student who is the niece of the Literature Club adviser. She has a cute and sweet personality. When she talks for her doll, she acts more serious and becomes much mature, but if her doll is taken away, she acts shy, blushes and feel embarrassed (e.g. when she got angry at Jurai and tried to ignore him).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • World Create: Her superpower allows her to create anything. She can create portals, dimensions and even manipulate any material down to its sub-atomic level. She can create life as well, but Jurai Ando told her to not create life.


  • Chifuyu means "Thousands of Winters". Himeki means "Tree of the Princess".
  • In Episode 9, it is confirmed that Chifuyu has romantic feelings for Andō.
  • Chifuyu's doll is named Lissun.
  • Her aunt, Shiharu Satomi, gave Chifuyu her the doll.
  • Satomi left Chifuyu in the Literature Club just to play.

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